Rigid Outfit/Apparel Boxes

What Are Rigid Outfit/Apparel Boxes

These are Rigid Outfit/Apparel Boxes. The hard material is around four times thicker than conventional packing materials, making it the most durable option. It’s a sturdy substance that stands up to the elements so that it won’t lose its form or shape with time.

We can make rigid boxes in various dimensions and configurations to meet your needs. One-piece boxes with magnetic closures, two-piece boxes with lids, and folding garment boxes are some of the high-quality packaging options available.

Make use of the customization choices offered by Custom Rigid Boxes to give your items an edge in the retail market.

About Our Apparel Boxes

Our clothing boxes are always in high demand in boutiques, and department stores often used to package gifts quickly for customers as they check out. Coat size, two-piece pop-up, folding top tuck, and rigid boxes are just some of the sizes and colors we provide. In addition, for orders of 500 boxes or more, we provide special colors to match a store’s branding. They are produced using recycled paperboard and water-based inks, making them environmentally friendly. Apparel Boxes are primarily used in establishments selling clothing for both sexes and ages. The designs of these containers are flexible. The two-piece pop-up box is the most typical packaging for clothing presents. The boxes may be quickly assembled, making them ideal for gift service at checkout lanes or for usage by shoppers who buy items in-store and prefer to wrap them themselves. Preformed lid and base with pre-folded sides fold flat and pop out to create these boxes.

 A few other examples of clothing boxes are:

  • The one-piece top tuck box.
  • The two-piece folding gift box with a short lid and base.
  • The rigid setup box is made from premade chipboard with a short lid.

There is a broad variety of possibilities for wrapping clothing, depending on the intended usage (store display or present giving). Clothing goods such as tops, bottoms, and outerwear are sometimes gifted in special boxes purchased from stores or consumers. All the folding garment boxes we sell are produced in the USA using post-consumer recycled paperboard and water-based inks in various colors.

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